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Getting to Know the Community

Posted on: June 9, 2010 11:10 am
Alright, I'm new to this whole blogging thing. At least, creating one. So, bear with me. I'm not sure if anyone has asked before, but I'd like to get to know the people who post here. Obviously, we are all passionate sports fans. We spend our free time, our lunch breaks, a few minutes before bed after the conclusion of a sports day, or whenever we find time, to comment about the world of sports. I'd like to know about how you all became involved in sports. Our profiles show our allegiances, I'm interested in knowing how you all formed those allegiances. What sparked your interest in sports, and which sports in particular? How long have you been a fan for? What memories are you fond of? I'm interested in knowing the paths that led to where everyone's views and allegiances in sports came from. My games are baseball and hockey. Football, too, but not nearly as passionate.

I'll always be a Motor City boy, even though I haven't lived there in a half decade. Some of my first memories in life were when the Tigers won the series back in '84. I was always the annoying little kid who was clinging around the adults and the older kids around the block. Everyone either talked baseball, or how this young kid in Detroit named Yzerman looks like he could have some potential to be something special. I had the benefit of being one of the very last kids to grow up similar to the way my parents did. We played ball on the corner of Gable and Sobieski, where we met EVERY day after school, and didn't go home until our moms yelled that it was time for dinner. Well, unless Kirk Gibson was signing autographs somewhere and I'd bug my aunt until she finally caved and took me, even though I had gotten his autograph about 50 times already. I had the benefit or all of the stereotypical memories, like sitting between my dad and grandpa at a Tigers' game with a Coke and a hot dog. My grandpa taught me how to keep score. I learned the finer points of hockey when my dad took me to about 10 Red Wings game a season. Basically, the way I was raised in the sporting world, we hold true to our allegiances, but we also were taught to have a deeper appreciation for the game. And sports serves not only as a means of entertainment, but also like a photo album that helps me remember my family, especially the members who've passed on. Whenever I'm at a game, I'll always think back to the old days, and the memories made, that I'll keep with me for a lifetime.

So, that's how I came to be a sports fan. I'd like to hear some of your paths as well, if you wish to share.

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Posted on: June 14, 2010 10:16 pm

Getting to Know the Community

Cool stuff, Mo-Chi.  When I'm not running a blog-off on the worst songs, I usually post a general blog about the last week in sports.  I'll choose 10 topics that I feel I have a strong opinion on, and present them in what I consider to be an interesting format.  My sports are 1A) Pro Football 1B) College Football 1C) Pro Hockey and a somewhat distant 2nd (4th?) College Basketball.  Loved the Gators from nearby Gainesville growing up, and became a fan long before their glory days.  Also helps that I went there for a short time (college and I didn't agree, otherwise I would have gotten my masters from there.  Too smart for my own good as my high school friends put it).  My hometown Bucs have been my one and only pro football team, even back to the 2-14 days of Lemon [sic] Bennett (fortunately, I'm too young to remember the 0-14 season).  As for hockey, I was lucky enough that my best friend in high school's family was all from the Pittsburgh area and I got turned on to the Penguins right before their back to back cups under Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Kevin Stevens, Ron Francis, et al.  Right after that, we here in Tampa were lucky enough to be rewarded with the Lightning, and I instantly became a Bolts fan, although I still hold a soft spot for the Pens.  Hockey's one of those sports best watched live.  I make sure to tell people that every chance I get, and there is NOTHING like postseason hockey.  It puts all other sports (postseason wise) to shame.  I wish Tochet would have had a chance, as he was handcuffed by ownership and Brainless Lawton, but am very excited about the future outlook with Redwings great Stevie Y and Guy Boucher running things.  Hoping soon we can get back to making the playoffs on a yearly basis.  As far as things to do here, what I'm involved in other than my blog is Joe's caption contest, counting on the infinity thread, and chiming in on ktopp's blog, D2Moo's blog, and checking out other regulars thoughts that I've faved over my 3 1/2 years on this site.  I'd fav you, Mo-Chi, except the site won't let me.  Says I need to delete some, and I refuse to do so with some of the connections I made in the earlier days of the caption contest, or iamyo's original run of the worst song ever, or some of the other early blog-offs I was involved in.  Keep up the great work on Joe's blog.  Soon you'll have your first title (while I'll have to struggle for my 8th second place in the last 9 months, kind of a running gag over there).

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Posted on: June 14, 2010 8:35 pm

Getting to Know the Community

Good Stuff Mo-Chi

For me, its mainly Football and NASCAR.  I have always loved Football, when I was a kid growing up, there was no team in Indiana, so I cheered for the Bengals back in the day of Ken Anderson.  When the Colts came to Indy, I started following them, even thru the horrid years of the 80's and early 90's, and then Peyton was drafted.....  As far as racing, I grew up near a local dirt track, and spent many summer nights watching the local heros trade paint and bang fenders.  I have been to the Daytona 500 twice, and Talledega once.  Also had the chance to take the wheel on a road course during a racing school my wife bought me for Christmas several years ago.  That gave me a whole new respect for the people who make their living on the tracks.

I also enjoy watching both college football and basketball.  I have no intrest in the NBA nor watching MLB on TV.  I can handle watching a baseball game from the stands.  So there is my sports fix.

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